Timothy Schwartz

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Tim is a social anthropologist who lives in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where he runs a research consultancy. He is the author of Travesty in Haiti: A True Account of Christian Missions, Orphanages, Fraud, Food Aid and Drug Trafficking and Fewer Men, More Babies: Sex, Family, and Fertility in Haiti. He blogs regularly on Open Salon.


TRAVESTY is an anthropologist’s personal story of working with foreign aid agencies and discovering that fraud, greed, corruption, apathy, and political agendas permeate the industry. It is a story of failed agricultural, health and credit projects; violent struggles for control over foreign aid; corrupt orphanage owners, pastors, and missionaries; the nepotistic manipulation of research funds; …

Fewer Men, More Babies re-evaluates the debate over family patterns in the Caribbean with respect to the critical importance that child labor plays in peasant household livelihood strategies. Earlier anthropologists widely accepted and provided empirical evidence that the contributions made by children to the peasant household labor pool was a significant determinant of social patterns and …

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The power of women in Haiti

The power of women in Haiti

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