Stamatis Amarianakis

M.A. (Panteion University)
PhD candidate, University of Amsterdam
PopAnth Author

Stamatis Amarianakis is a PhD candidate of Social Anthropology at the University of Barcelona. He holds the European Research Council Advanced Grant “Grassroots Economics: Meaning, Project and Practice in the Pursuit of Livelihood” [GRECO]. His research investigates grassroots responses to the Greek crisis in a country town.

Stamatis studied Sociology at the University of Crete and holds an M.A. degree in Social Anthropology from Panteion University, Athens. During his M.A. studies he conducted systematic fieldwork at the weekly bazaar of Piraeus, Athens’ main port, where he examined the various effects that the ongoing economic crisis has on the everyday economic activities of economically disadvantaged social groups. His research focused on labour relations, consumption practices and their interconnection with household economy and family ties.

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