Ricardo Campos

PhD (Universidade Aberta, Portugal)
PopAnth Author

Ricardo Campos is a social scientist and illustrator, born and living in Lisbon, Portugal. He holds a Graduation and Masters degree in Sociology and a PhD in Visual Anthropology. Ricardo has recently studied the graffiti community in the city of Lisbon for his PhD thesis. Besides urban cultures, he has been studying and writing several articles and books, mainly in Portuguese, on topics such as visual methodologies, visual culture, art or education. Ricardo is also one of the editors of the Brazilian academic journal "Cadernos de Arte e Antropologia" [Journal of Art and Anthropology] and co-coordinator of the Luso-Brasilian Network for the Study of Urban Arts and Interventions.


PopAnth Articles

Struggles on the walls: Political graffiti in Portugal

Struggles on the walls: Political graffiti in Portugal

Graffiti is an ancient practice. It's often an art form, but in times of crisis it tends to become political. Ricardo Campos describes how Portugal's graffiti has taken a demonstrative turn in response to economic turmoil.Read on »