Melanie Uy

MA in Anthropology (University of the Philippines), MA in Science (LSE)
PhD Candidate, Vrijie Universiteit Amsterdam / Macquarie University (Sydney)
PopAnth Founding Member

Melanie has followed the academic training of Anthropology at the Bachelor and Master's levels in the Philippines and the UK, finishing at the honours level. After her stint at the London School of Economics in 2005, she experienced an epiphany and wanted to break out of the traditional path of the academe.

Ever since then, she has had a double life.  She worked for Brandlab in 2006, a strategic consulting company in Manila, with a mystifying job title of Brand Anthropologist which was an experimental dual role in client services and consumer research coordinator.  She decided to pursue a Ph.D degree in Anthropology by 2007 under a co-tutelle program of VU Amsterdam /Macquarie University (Sydney) dabbling in organizational ethnography in Mainland China. As if it is not crazy enough, she also experienced the birth pains of building a boutique consultancy firm called Artefact,Inc. that aims to use ethnography to provide management and design solutions.

Living in the vicinity of TUDelft has whetted her appetite to learn more about cutting edge research in Science, Technology, and Mathematics and how ethnography could provide insights on the human condition.  She is currently involved with investigating telecare solutions for managed home care for the elderly as part of the EU-funded Care@Home Project under the aegis of the TUDelft Man Machines Interface Research Group (MMI) and The Perceptual Intelligence Lab at TUDelft.  She is still on a search to answer the question, "what do I want to do when I grow up?"