Larry Stout

B.A. (geology) (University of Missouri)
PopAnth Author

Amid a checkered career as a glorified rockhound (doing more editing and translating than actual geology), Larry interested himself avocationally in birding, botanizing, history, archaeology. (A checkered career, he says, is optimal: you get to land on many more interesting squares that way.) Larry's petty publications on Permian conodonts and Quaternary freshwater ostracods (highly recommended for insomniacs) have nothing at all to do with anthropology. Neither does his single published poem. Cannot self-edit. In true community spirit, though, Larry has kindly offered his services as PopAnth’s Translations Coach, helping non-native English speakers with their popular writing.  He is very opinionated, and chooses to live in Ozarkistan. His subtending philosophical opinion is a borrowed one: “There is no such thing as knowledge, just belief.”

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