Lachlan Summers

BA (Honours) (University of Queensland)
Tutor / PhD candidate, University of Melbourne
PopAnth Author

Lachlan Summers recently graduated a BA: Anthropology (Honours) from the University of Queensland. His research investigated the connections between movement, space, urban cognition and identity in inner-city cycling activists, and his thesis won UQs Donald Tugby Anthropology Prize for best original research.

He currently tutors in the School of Social and Political Science of the University of Melbourne, where he will begin a PhD in 2017. His research interests include environmental epistemics, particularly the relationship between perception and language, human-animal relations and Indigenous political representation. He also likes skateboarding, is yet to hear a compelling argument against eating pizza everyday and thinks Jorge Luis Borges was a bit of a dude.

PopAnth Articles

Why can't cyclists read maps?

Why can't cyclists read maps?

During my ethnographic research among inner-city cycling activists, I would ask cyclists to plot on maps the routes they rode most regularly. Surprisingly, despite being confident, regular riders, most cyclists had difficulty plotting their route. The dissonance struck me: why can't cycling activists read maps?Read on »