Jolynna Sinanan

Ph.D. (University of Melbourne)
Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University College London
PopAnth Author

Jolynna Sinanan has just started her post doctoral research position in Anthropology at University College London (UCL), which is part of a comparative project in seven countries on social networking. She is also currently co-authoring a book ‘Webcam’ as part of a joint project between the Anthropology department of UCL and the School of Media and Communication at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) with Professor Daniel Miller (who has previously written several books on digital media and material culture in Trinidad). The aim of the study is to provide the first in-depth, systematic research on webcams and to understand the extent of their use in transnational and other relationships.

Prior to this project, Jolynna had a short career in Melbourne as comedic performer in stand-up. Jolynna has recently completed a PhD in Development Studies at the University of Melbourne. Her thesis examined the nature of engagement with development by ‘beneficiaries’, drawing on different case studies that centred on microfinance in Australia and the trafficking of women in Cambodia.

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