Fran Martin

Associate Professor, The University of Melbourne

Fran Martin researches youth and media cultures in the transnational Chinese-speaking world, with a focus on topics of gender and sexuality. She is currently an Australian Research Council Future Fellow, and is Associate Professor and Reader in Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne.


Yoga gurus on lifestyle cable channels targeting time-pressured Indian urbanites; Chinese dating shows promoting competitive individualism; Taiwanese domestic makeover formats combining feng shui with life planning advice: Asian TV screens are increasingly home to a wild proliferation of popular factual programs providing lifestyle guidance to viewers. In Telemodernities Tania Lewis, …

Across Asia, consumer culture is increasingly shaping everyday life, with neoliberal economic and social policies increasingly adopted by governments who see their citizens as individualised, sovereign consumers with choices about their lifestyles and identities. One aspect of this development has been the emergence of new wealthy middle classes with lifestyle aspirations shaped by national, …

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