Fiona Stefanik

BA (University of Washington)
PopAnth Author

Fiona is a recent graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle with bachelors' degrees in Medical Anthropology, French, and Global Health. After taking an anthropology course on the politics of reproduction, she developed an interest in embodiment and a passion for reproductive justice and birth work. This path led her to her honors thesis work where she studied how women who either have or have had an eating disorder experience pregnancy and birth. Since graduating, Fiona has been working in her community as a birth doula and getting her foot in the door in the world of public health. When the time is right, she hopes to attend midwifery school and work as a home birth midwife.

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The Unending Hunger

The Unending Hunger

In her ethnography, The Unending Hunger: Tracing Women and Food Insecurity Across Borders, Megan Carney examines the impact of food insecurity on women’s migration experiences from Mexico and Central America to the United States.Read on »