David Thompson

BA Hons.
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David Thompson spent his former life in Australia undertaking a Bachelor of Global Studies at the University of Sydney. Aside from his studies, he is a classical music snob, Linux newbie and material culture commentator, and worked as a researcher for an employment agency, in bars, at the Federal Court of Australia and for the 40K Foundation. He completed his final-year undergraduate thesis on cosmopolitanism and consumption in Latin America at The University of Sydney, Australia, in late 2010. He has recently published an article, Cosmopolitanism Sits in Places: Consumption and Cosmopolitics in Latin America, in the International Review of Social Research.

Since then he has been travelling through Latin America and has found himself selling soy burgers in Chile, working at party hostels and visiting prisons in Bolivia, camping in Rio de Janeiro’s plazas, hitchhiking, hiking, boating, bussing, sleeping in terminals and generally living the austere and dogmatic life of a backpacker. Occasionally, though, he finds the time to interview people with a notebook in hand, sit down in front of a computer, think for a while and pretend he’s an anthropologist, and a lot of these semi-informed ideas end up floating around on the internet. He has blogged about his ethnographic observations on the Occupy Rio movement, materiality and cosmopolitanism, and the vicissitudes of tourism on the Material World Blog and on Erin B. Taylor’s blog.

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