David Slattery

PhD (University of St Andrews)
Associate Fellow, The National College of Art and Design
PopAnth Author

David Slattery is a full-time writer and an Associate Fellow at the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media at The National College of Art and Design in Dublin. He has a Double First in Philosophy and a Masters in the History & Philosophy of Science from University College Cork, Ireland and a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. His Ph.D was published as The End of the Anthropological Self: Foucault in the Trobriand Islands – which is most definitely not popular anthropology, but taught him a lot about the weirdness of culture and was surprisingly good preparation for studying the Irish.


From the quintessential Irish Mammy to love for all things GAA, the Irish have particularities - and peculiarities - that make them different from their neighbors. Social anthropologist David Slattery takes us through the rules of being Irish with deadpan humor, from how to approach an Irish wedding or funeral to the Irish attitude to health, business, politics, death, Christmas, and being cool. …

Between pirates, sporting heroes, scientists, explorers, highwaymen, quacks, poets, and rebels, Ireland has had her share of astonishing Historical characters.

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