Daniel Lende

A.B. (Harvard University); Ph.D. (Emory University)
Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of South Florida
PopAnth Community Advisor, Founding Member

Daniel Lende is Associate Professor in Anthropology at the University of South Florida. He trained in medical, psychological, and biological anthropology and public health at Emory University. His main research interests are substance use and abuse, the intersection of anthropology and neuroscience, behavioural health, community-based research, and public and applied anthropology. He has done fieldwork in both Colombia and the United States.

Daniel is co-founder of the blog Neuroanthropology and has co-authored The Encultured Brain along with Gergory J. Downey.


The brain and the nervous system are our most cultural organs. Our nervous system is especially immature at birth, our brain disproportionately small in relation to its adult size and open to cultural sculpting at multiple levels. Recognizing this, the new field of neuroanthropology places the brain at the center of discussions about human nature and culture. Anthropology offers brain science …