Colleen Morgan

PhD (University of California, Berkeley)
Marie Curie Researcher, University of York
PopAnth Author

Colleen Morgan is a a professional archaeologist who runs the blog Middle Savagery.  Since receiving her B.A. in Anthropology/Asian Studies in 2004 at the University of Texas, Colleen has worked in Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, England, Greece, Texas, Hawaii, and California, excavating sites 100 years old and 9,000 years old and anything in-between.  She was awarded a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley, with a dissertation on building archaeological narratives with New Media, using digital photography, video, mobile and locative devices.  She is deeply interested in excavation methodology, high falutin' theory, interstitial spaces, skeuomorphs and good bourbon.

PopAnth Articles

Tomb raiding in Cambodia

Tomb raiding in Cambodia

What have you seen? And did you actually see it? At Angkor Wat, Cambodia, tourists recreate the imaginary worlds of Tomb Raider and Temple Run. But archaeology reveals that an ancient, intriguing history likes behind these ruinous stones.Read on »