Claire A. Cerdá

PopAnth Author

A native of Miami, Florida, Claire grew up surrounded by a distinct blend of American and Hispanic culture. Her mother is a computer programmer, and her father is a market researcher. Therefore, since she was very young, she has been interested in the ways that culture and people come together through the use of technology. She is an avid social media user, and some of her favourite information sources are RetronautThought CatalogueBrain Pickings and Explore.

Claire is a student of Wellesley College, where she am pursuing a sociology major and an anthropology minor while also playing varsity soccer, to help her in my future interests in the communications or PR field – either in advertising, journalism, or something related. You can find samples of her work on her website, Girl of the Hour. She has also published in the Wellesley Wire and Wellesley News Online.

Claire plays the violin and the guitar, and enjoy listening to folk music, and anything singer/songwriter, among all the great things her father has introduced her to. In fact, her middle name “Annelise” comes from an R.E.M. song.

In her travels, Claire has explored many National Parks in the United States, including Yellowstone and Zion, and also spent time in Spain both on the peninsula and in Mallorca, where her family is from. She hopes to someday continue to explore Europe, and see what the rest of the world has to offer and teach her.

Claire feels that PopAnth is a place of great opportunity for her to learn from experts in the social sciences, and explore the intersections of many of her interests including travelling, writing and of course, sociology and anthropology.

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