Gawain Lynch

PopAnth Editor, Founding Member, Site Manager & Architect

Gawain is a reformed tech-geek who used to spend his time talking to corporate business managers with words like 'synergy', 'symbiosis', 'B2B’, 'B2C', 'paradigm shift', 'seamless solution' and his personal favourite, 'enterprise class'.

This all changed in 2010 when he entered the world of the social sciences to assist two anthropologists in researching the intersection between human beings and technology in the developing world. Now he's immersed in a world of all things anthropological. However, he does still need his daily fix of technology.

Gawain brings to PopAnth a steadfast belief in the importance of sharing knowledge in the public domain. Over the decades, he has kept a hawk’s eye trained on the development of the Internet, worked as an IT architect for large commercial enterprises, and maintained an amateur interest in all things anthropological. He is superbly placed to drive PopAnth beyond the usual bounds of blogging and transform it into a community.