by Gawain Lynch on July 21, 2012

PopAnth Culture Soup

PopAnth Culture Soup

Welcome to PopAnth, the home of popular anthropology on the Internet.  On this site, we will endeavour to provide insights into the world we live in.  We are just getting up and going, but if you are interested in contributing, – as a member of the public, or as a social scientist – please see our About page.

This is a shared community project, not about one or two people, and we need your help to make it succeed.

  • If you’re an anthropologist you can help by contributing articles (see our Contribute to PopAnth page)
  • If you’re the arty kind you’re most welcome to help out with imagery or site design
  • If you have some beautiful and expressive photographs, we’d love to feature them on the site
  • If you just the curious type that wants to learn more about the world, then feel free to make suggestions on topics you’d like to see covered


Gawain Lynch

Gawain is a reformed tech-geek who used to spend his time talking to corporate business managers with words like ‘synergy’, ‘symbiosis’, ‘B2B', ‘B2C’, ‘paradigm shift’, ‘seamless solution’ and his personal favourite, ‘enterprise class’.

This all changed in 2010 when he entered the world of the social sciences to assist Erin in researching the intersection between human beings and technology in the developing world. Now he’s immersed in a world of all things anthropological. However, he does still need his daily fix of technology.

Gawain Lynch
Gawain Lynch

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