I like your new stuff better than your old stuff
Kevin Yelvington at work in a Temecula winery, Califorina. Photo courtesy of Kevin.

Studying the wine industry seems like a sweet job. But anthropologist Kevin Yelvington went beyond wine tasting and worked alongside labourers in the vineyards. What did he discover?

A Naira in her natural environment. Photo by Celia Emmelhainz, Kazakhstan, February 2012.

Cultural groups are diverse. Yet one group that has not been studied in all its diversity is the Nairarbi, an information-working caste scattered through many societies in the modern world.

A dog all rugged up for cold weather. Photo by 玄史生, via Wikimedia Commons.

Love dogs? In Vancouver, you may have little choice. In this canine-crazy city, pooch parlours reign supreme, dogs slobber over food in supermarkets, and they are even allowed in the doctor’s surgery. It’s not just a matter of personal preference, it’s a culture.

Football street art in Porto, Portugal. Photo by Wegmann, via Wikimedia Commons.

Brazilians and millions of people from around the world love the Jogo Bonito. How can they enjoy the games when they are now aware of their dark side?

Coffee with an emotional connection. Photo by Ashleee (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

The Well Coffeehouse is turning coffee into “living water” by donating profits to build wells. The customers are the congregation, and the register is the donation-basket. But is it making consumption meaningful?

Camera sketch by ShakeHatThing, via DeviantArt.

In his previous two posts, copywriter McCreery asked “What is creativity?” and “How does it happen?” He now addresses creativity’s politics and perks through the lens of a Canon advertisement.

Farid Mammadov's performance at Eurovision. Photo by Albin Olsson via Wikimedia.

Giant hamster wheels. Drag. Key changes, peasant costumes, and voting blocs. Sometimes it seems that the Eurovision Song Contest is about anything but the music. So what’s going on?

Advertisements line the streets of Tokyo. Photo by Alessandro Baffa via Flickr.

Copywriters have to come up with a unique angle for every single advertisement they design. Where do they get their inspiration, and how do the elements of an ad come together?

A curious Norwegian cow. Photo by Lars_Pistasj via Flickr.

Before the Internet existed, humankind spent millennia pondering a question that cuts to the heart of what it means to be human. Do we people prefer dogs or cats?

​Promotional Models at Gamescon 2012, Cologne, Germany. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Why must “promotional model’ and “astrophysicist” be mutually exclusive categories? An insider looks at the hard work of performing gender.