I like your new stuff better than your old stuff
A view of Stanford University Church called "I smell the first rain" by Peter Thoeny, Quality HDR Photography. Photo from Flickr.

Do people attend church because they believe, or do people believe because they attend church? T.M. Luhrmann uncovers the complexities of faith.

What's in your bag? 030/365 Woman's Handbag, by Christine und David Schmitt. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License, Flickr.

Ask someone to tip the contents of their bags onto the table. What do you see? The results can be surprising. The things people carry say a lot about their society and culture, as well as their finances and personal preferences.

A strike in Portugal. Photo by Mauro Rodrigues.

What does Portugal look like to a local who has lived overseas? Pretty weird, it seems. Bureaucracy, temperament, and traffic behaviour are among the oddities observed in this article.

A celebration in downtown Lisbon. Photo by Dennis Zuev.

Is Portugal becoming more nationalistic in response to the financial crisis? The cancellation of Independence Day would seem to suggest not. But the streets tell a different story.

Awesome day at #brightonbeach chilling with my #vintage skirt. #melbourne #beach #ootd #oo7d #igsg. Photo by the author.

How often do you post on social media, and just how calculated are your posts? For celebrity lifestyle bloggers, who can earn large sums in endorsements, getting the aesthetics right counts.

Logo for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi

As the Winter Olympics in Sochi have shown, mega-events involve mega-politics and a lot of myth-making. What did they reveal about the nature of the Russian self?

A Young Man and a Lady, by Konstantin Somov (1916). Source: Wikimedia Commons (2011). Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Cougars – women who date younger men – became a media phenomenon in the 2000s. However, mainstream media’s discussion of them was largely based on myth. Here are some historical facts about age difference in couples.

Tourists and penguins in Antarctica. Photo © 2013 Wilko Onken

Traveling to Antarctica necessitates a long journey, is expensive, offers relatively little comfort, exposes tourists to extreme weather, and often causes actual body pain. So why do tourists flock there?

Save Haiti t-shirt: a nice idea, except that the road to development hell is often paved with good intentions.

According to one Catholic priest, foreigners in Haiti can be classified into three types: missionaries, mercenaries, and misfits. Whether you come to Haiti with good or bad intentions, the end result is often the same: trouble.

The author as a hippie. Copyright held by Ted Polhemus.

Thanks to the Baby Boomers, fashion markets today are youth-obsessed. But are the youth really still where it’s at? Do they resent being labelled “youth”? Maybe it’s time to re-think our marketing–and our understanding of society.