Steven Bunce

Steven Bunce

Steven Bunce

BA Hons (University of Sydney)

PhD Candidate, University of Sydney

PopAnth Author

Steven is an aspiring screenwriter who became an anthropologist so he could one day turn his ethnographies into a Latin American version of ‘The Wire’. He is currently working on an ehtnography of social class in Bogotá, Colombia, entitled ‘The Law of the Most Alive’.

In Bogotá Steven researched Colombia’s class system and the incorporation of internally displaced persons into the city’s sociocultural landscape. In a city as congested, segregated, wealth-disparate and problem-afflicted as Bogotá, life opportunities remain very much shaped by one’s social status and belonging to a certain rung on the class hierarchy – made all the more pronounced by a public policy of social stratification based on income and place of residence.

PopAnth Publications

A protestor in Bogotá's 'El Bronx'. Photo by Steven Bunce

Cover and simmer: My morning in an open-air drug market

The dishevelled appearance of Bogotá’s most infamous drug market hides a clockwork-like order. Continue reading »

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