Dolly Hayde

Dolly Hayde

Donnelley Hayde

MA, Museum Studies (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis), MA, Cultural Anthropology (University of Arkansas)

Audience Research Associate, Indianapolis Museum of Art

PopAnth Author

Donnelley “Dolly” Hayde is a second year graduate student in Museum Studies at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Her previous graduate work was in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Arkansas, where she earned her master’s degree by writing about fallout shelters. Her current research interests include museum evaluation, social space, American civil defence, and the politics of public safety.

PopAnth Publications

Monument 6, the element of Tortuguero most commonly associated with belief in a 2012 apocalypse. Photo by Alfredo Sanchez, reproduced by Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons license.

Waiting for the end of the world… as we know it

Is surviving the apocalypse a matter of consumer choice? Why companies like Vivos are making a killing out of luxury bunkers and survivalist reality TV. Continue reading »

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