History of the PopAnth Project
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In The Beginning

The PopAnth Project started after a discussion on newly formed PopAnth group, founded by Dr Erin Taylor at the Open Anthropology Cooperative.  On 21 July 2012, during a conversation about taking anthropological research to a larger audience, Greg Downey of Neuroanth fame asserted:

I think we have to practice DOING accessible, popular writing and see what works.

So, within an hour Gawain Lynch had registered popanth.com, created Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts for the project and had the shell of a website up.  Little did we know what was to come.

Engagement in the discussion on the OAC continued and soon after John McCreery volunteered his services as both an editor and most importantly as The Writing Coach, investing a generous amount of time getting our initial content in order.

We officially flung the doors open on 18 September 2012, and quickly grabbed the attention of more than a few people in the academic community, evidenced by the number of people signing up to author, edit and advise our fledgling community.  In the process greatly strengthening our ability to deliver the world at large interesting, engaging and fun content borne out of the insightful research done by the anthropological community.

Moving Forward

It is still early days for the project, we’re looking for contributors in all shapes and sizes, check our Contribute to PopAnth page for information on how you can join the project.